Litigation & Allocation Support

Defining the cost of environmental impacts and determining allocation responsibility between multiple parties requires litigation support expertise in areas such as toxicology, risk assessment, groundwater modeling, geochemistry, chemical fingerprinting, and reverse engineering principles. Whether it is arbitration, mediation, or litigation, you want to know that you have a diverse multidisciplinary team of experts who can deliver logical and persuasive arguments based on facts. And that’s just what you’ll get with EHS Support.

Legal Strategy Meets Technical Expertise

At EHS Support, our experts work hard to understand the issue and communicate complex information in a clear and meaningful way to clients, arbitrators, judges, or juries. Over the years we have successfully supported allocation from small, multi-party sites through EPA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) sediment Megasite allocation efforts. We also assess opposing positions, identify strengths and weaknesses, and assist in development of litigation support strategies.

An Experienced Technical Team

Our Litigation and Allocation Team has a successful track record of analyzing data and delivering meaningful testimony consistent with the litigation support strategy. With years of experience and technical depth, our experts are skilled in developing comprehensive litigation support strategies and can effectively communicate complex concepts in a persuasive manner to non-scientists.

  • Multi-party allocation responsibility
  • Technical and regulatory education
  • Toxic tort support

Simply put, we develop advocacy positions that translate the technical and scientific principles in a way non-scientists can easily understand.

Our Project Experience